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posted on February 22, 2012

Why Trains Make Great Travel Methods for Seniors

Imagine it’s that time of year when you start thinking about taking a vacation. Part of the work involves choosing an ideal location while the hard part can be making travel arrangements. How are you going to get there – perhaps by plane, car, or bus? While those methods may be your first thoughts, train travel is a wonderful option that sometimes gets overlooked.

In recent years, train travel has increased substantially; a 2010 poll said 62 percent of Americans would probably choose to travel by train. The group responsible for most of the increase in train travel is senior citizens – and for a number of fine reasons.

An initial bonus of traveling by train is not having to worry about driving or the stresses of flying. Today, taking a plane from point A to point B can be a hassle with checking in bags and being subject to the numerous security measures. In addition, some aren’t fond of heights and instead enjoy feeling safe on the ground.

Besides being an affordable option, train travel is unique because it allows passengers to enjoy lush, beautiful scenery during the ride. You don’t have to keep your eyes on the road or stare at a bunch of clouds.  There are no feelings of discomfort from being cramped in a car and thinking “Are we there yet?”  You are free to explore the various lounges of the train and engage socially with other passengers. Beverages, food, movies, and games are available for people to enjoy.  Private sleeping quarters are offered so those along for the ride can get a good night’s rest.  

Finally, railroad travel is a timeless option for seniors that may evoke cherished memories in those who rode trains with their families as children.

There is no shortage of destinations; some locations included in America by Rail tours are New Orleans, Portland, Las Vegas, Colorado, Florida, the Canadian Rockies, and Yellowstone National Park.

Overall, train travel is a comfortable alternative that promotes relaxation and feelings of refuge, especially for senior citizens. The convenience and aesthetic of being able to enjoy the ride is priceless.

Top Destinations - Visually

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