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posted on May 08, 2018

Traveling is a fun and exciting way to spend your off time during retirement. Maybe you didn’t get the chance to travel as much during your working years or there’s still a few places you haven’t been to yet. If you’re a senior and love to travel, don’t assume that it’s out of reach because of medical, budget or age concerns. According to AARP 47% of Baby Boomers plan to travel both domestically and internationally in 2018. Whether you’re looking to visit somewhere laid-back or an adventure destination, America By Rail is your resource for all things senior travel. Our rail tours are very popular with the senior population. Our train tips allow you to meet other seniors and make it easy for you to plan the trip of a lifetime.

Top 10 Senior Travel Tips

There are several things to consider when traveling as a senior. Be mindful of your health while traveling and take these tips with you to make sure you have the best time at any destination.

Comfort is key

This includes packing comfortable clothing and shoes and taking care of your personal comfort while traveling. Always make sure your outfit choices are comfortable for when you’re out and about. While you’re traveling, bring along a pillow, blanket, and try to get an aisle seat on the plane or bus, so you can get up and stretch out when necessary. If you’re feeling overexerted while walking, take a break and sit down to enjoy the scenery or stop to grab a bite to eat.

Schedule flights that won’t wear you out

Trust us, it will be worth your money to schedule flights that allow for comfortable travel. Try to plan your flights during the day and one-way flights to avoid several tiring airport transfers. Make sure the airline you’re booking with has snacks and drinks available for free or purchase. When transferring from the airport, try to book a taxi or shuttle so you won’t have to walk far with heavy luggage.

Purchase an international cell phone plan

You never know when you might be lost or need to call someone when traveling internationally. All major cell phone carriers have the option to add on international data, call and text plans for a single month at a low cost. You can always buy an international cell phone too that you only use while traveling.

Make sure you have travel insurance

Travel insurance is great for getting some money back just in case you can’t make the trip. Even if you get sick or injured during the trip, lose something, or need extra medication for an extended trip, some travel insurances cover these things. Call your travel agency, or even your own insurance provider, to ask about their options.

Pack your medication

It’s essential to have more than enough of your medication on you while you travel just in case you have a canceled flight, or you decide to extend your trip. Never pack medication in checked luggage and remember to take them daily or set an alarm as a reminder. For bringing any medication and medical supplies, like walkers, c-pap machines, and oxygen tanks on planes, be sure to check TSA's guidelines for disabilities and medical conditions.

Eat and drink healthy

This will help prevent any illness or dehydration during your trip. Be mindful of what you order at restaurants and if you have any dietary restrictions, consider preparing your own meals. Always make sure you have snacks and water with you at all times to prevent fatigue.

Write down and print important information

Write down any medications you take, important phone numbers, your itinerary, and flight numbers and keep them somewhere safe. Print all your travel documents too, even if you don’t think you will need them.

Popular Senior Destinations

Where you want to go is the biggest part of travel. Do you have any bucket list destinations in mind? Are you looking to travel to several different countries or states during one trip? There are several senior-friendly destinations around the globe that best cater to your comfort and what you want to experience.



Many retirees love to spend their winters in Arizona, especially in Sedona and Yuma. Arizona’s enchanting red rock landscape, landmarks like The Grand Canyon and warm climate make it the ideal retreat.


There are so many destinations to visit in Alaska and you won’t see its wildlife and enchanting glaciers anywhere else. You can also take an Alaskan cruise or rail tour to hit as many destinations as possible without getting too tired out.


Many retirees flock to Hawaii for its slow-paced lifestyle and beaches that look like something on a postcard. Hawaii is very senior-friendly with its all-inclusive resorts and tours that will take you around whichever island you choose to stay in on a comfortable bus.


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