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posted on June 07, 2016

The West Coast is one of the most beloved regions in the United States. Some argue that the “West Coast is the best coast.” On the West Coast, the weather is beautiful, there are plenty of things to do, and there are different types of terrain from forestry to snow on the mountains. One of the best ways to experience the West Coast is to travel by train. You get to enjoy the lovely views of the scenery without having to hassle of driving. At America by Rail, our train tours hit every major travel destination of the West Coast from Alaska to California. Here is a list of things to do while visiting the West Coast by train. 

New Mexico

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

Albuquerque is known for its love for hot balloons. Every year in Albuquerque there is a balloon fiesta and people rave about it all over the world. The fiesta always happens during the first week of October. Guests get to watch hot air balloon competitions, and there are many activities for kids to enjoy. This is a great family friendly event to attend while visiting New Mexico.


Lake Powell

Our Canyon Lands train tour stops in Utah at Lake Powell, the second largest man-made lake. Once there, guests have to opportunity to cruise Lake Powell. If they are feeling adventurous enough, the boat guests might even cruise the lake by squeezing through tight canyon walls, close enough to touch. We cruise down Lake Powell until we meet the Antelope Canyon. 


A “Route 66” Town - Seligman, Arizona

Trains used to stop in Route 66 towns all of the time when Route 66 was the main way of travel for trains and cars. Our train tours take a nostalgic stop in a “Route 66” town called Seligman, Arizona. There, you can experience what Route 66 towns felt like during the time period when it was popular.


Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park, located in Utah, is home to the largest collection of hoodoos. Hoodoos are pillar shaped rocks that form that way due to erosion. If you go on one of our West Coast train tours, you will be able to take a tour with a local guide to view 37 miles of popular vantage points of Bryce Canyon National Park, including Sunrise Point and Rainbow Point.

Zion National Park

Close to Bryce Canyon National Park is the Zion National Park. America by Rail train tours stop here to view the beautiful scenery. Similar to Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park also has pink and tan colored rock formations. On top of the rock formations, it also has waterfalls and hanging gardens.


Cascade Mountains/California’s Pacific Coastline

If you take the Totally Trains tour with us, you will be able to hop on board the Sightseer Lounge as we ride along 17 miles worth of California’s Pacific Coastline and the Cascade Mountains.

La Jolla Cove

In San Diego, there is a small protected beach surrounded by coves called La Jolla Cove. It is one of the most photographed beaches in California. Keep in mind that since this location is so small and protected, swimming and scuba diving is allowed, but not surfing or wakeboarding.

Las Vegas

The Neon Museum 

At The Neon Museum, there are about 200 vintage signs that used to hang throughout Las Vegas. People are only allowed to view the signs through guided tours, which are offered every day of the week unless there is another event going on there. A couple of the signs have been restored and open to the public for them to view and take photos with.

Pioneer Saloon

While visiting Las Vegas, make sure to check out the Pioneer Saloon. The Pioneer Saloon is the oldest saloon in Las Vegas, and it is now 103 years old. This saloon is located in an old ghost town just thirty minutes outside of Las Vegas. It still has the authentic feel it has had for over 100 years ago. This saloon also has certain rooms named after beloved people who have been there.

These are the kinds of activities that could make the “West Coast the best coast.” There is always something unique and fun to do on the West Coast. You will not regret the opportunity to see the amazing aspects that the West Coast has to offer through an America by Rail train tour.




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