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posted on January 05, 2016

Now that the holiday season has come to a close and we’re welcoming the New Year, why not enjoy a post-holiday train vacation? North America still has plenty of winter left and one of the best places to take in the scenic views is on a train trip through Canada. Canada’s mountainous backdrop, rugged canyons, and winding rivers set the perfect winter stage for a train trip. Even in Canada’s summer season are the views just as beautiful on a train tour.

While you’re on a train trip through the mountainous landscape of Canada, here are some beautiful scenic views you should take in.

Discover the Skeena River

Canada’s Skeena River is the second longest river in British Columbia, Canada. Skeena, which means “river in the clouds,” flows through canyons and waterfalls of western Canada. This river is no ordinary stream of water. The river’s health is necessary for the surrounding communities due to its native wildlife, vegetation, and variety of fish.

Whether you’re on the water or exploring along the coast, you can expect to see crisp reflections of snowcapped mountains, rolling hills, and clouds along the river.

Take in the Beauty of the Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies in British Columbia take up a great portion of western Canada. This long chain of mountains, much more jagged than the American Rockies, has several high peaks and ranges made of shale and limestone. Some of the highest peaks are Mount Robson and Mount Columbia, both extending far past 12,000 feet. Several river systems flow through the rugged mountainous landscape, including the Skeena River. Within the Canadian Rockies, there are five national parks, each allowing guests to enjoy the scenic mountains and surrounding forests.

Sightsee Along Icefields Parkway

Also known as Highway 93 North, Icefields Parkway gets its name due to the stunning scenic landscape which runs along the road. Not only can you take in the striking views of the Canadian Rockies while driving the route, the Colombia Icefield is visible from the parkway. The icefield is a result of the Great Glaciation, a glacial period between 238,000 and 126,000 BC. It feeds eight major glaciers and the Colombia Icefield is also a popular destination for ski mountaineering.

Explore Banff, Alberta

Banff, Alberta is a small town in Alberta, Canada, nestled in Alberta’s Rockies. The resort town is known for its hot springs and destination outdoor sports, like skiing, biking, and hiking. The Banff trail is one of the many popular outdoor spots. It runs between a tall tree line and small waterways. Guests can take a Discover Banff Tour and explore the native wildlife of Alberta, take a canyon icewalk, dog sled, or see the magnificent winter scenery from a helicopter.

See the Beautiful Maligne Lake

Located in Jasper National Park in Alberta, Maligne Lake is an incredible sight to see. The water’s vibrant turquoise color gives this lake its distinction as no ordinary lake. It’s the largest in Jasper National Park, and the area in which the lake lies is a result of glaciers carving out the valley. Though boat tours are unavailable during the winter months, guests can ride along during the spring and autumn to explore this beautiful lake surrounded by a mountainous backdrop.

Are you convince that you need to go on a winter escape to Canada? Check out our Canada tours on our Canada & Alaska page.

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