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posted on October 01, 2015

Cross country traveling is one of the most fascinating ways to experience places you’ve never seen. Traveling from coast to coast offers a great understanding of America’s history and an awareness of our country’s diverse culture.

Every year, tourists choose to take long road trips or travel across America by train to explore and experience new places. Passengers on train rides can sit back and enjoy the smooth journey through the countryside, stopping at cities and landmarks along the way.

There is so much to see from coast to coast, and here are some of the most fascinating places to visit on a cross country trip.

The Empire State Building
Stretching 102 stories high, the Empire State Building is New York City’s historic icon. You haven’t experienced the city until you’ve visited the iconic skyscraper. It was once the tallest building in the world and is still one of the most beautiful architectural buildings to this date. Seeing the city from the observation deck is a view you won’t witness much elsewhere, as Manhattan stretches for more than 30 miles.

The Gateway Arch
The 630-foot monument in St. Louis, Missouri is the tallest arch in the world, and the tallest monument in the Western Hemisphere. The monument is a memorial establishing the city’s identity as the gateway to the west. It sits on the west bank of the Mississippi River. People can take a small pod up the leg of the Arch to get a stunning view out the observation windows at the top.

Fans of “the King” will want to take a detour to visit the Graceland Museum in Memphis, Tennessee. The museum offers a historic look into one of America’s most famous musicians. It is one of the most highly-regarded home museums in the world. Elvis Presley’s home is a beautiful architectural sight, with the interior showcasing Presley’s home life, as well as his fame as a music legend.

The French Quarter
New Orleans’ oldest neighborhood is a sight to see. When people think of New Orleans, Louisiana, it’s the French Quarter that comes to mind. The colorful district is lively with entertainment, good food, and plenty of history. The neighborhood becomes a spectacle during Mardi Gras in February. The whole district is a National Historic Landmark, a prime tourist attraction year round.

The Golden Gate Bridge
Take the nearly two-mile long journey across America’s famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. It was the longest suspension bridge at 4,200 feet until 1964. It has been claimed to be one of the most beautiful and most photographed bridges in the world. Tourists and locals often walk or bike across the bridge to capture the wonderful views of the structure and views beyond the bridge. At night, a glow of lights brighten the bridge, creating beautiful light display worth seeing.

The Space Needle
This observation tower in Seattle, Washington stands 605 feet tall and is famous for its architecture and appearance. While it’s not as tall as many other monuments in the world, it still provides an amazing view of the downtown Seattle skyline and has been featured throughout pop culture. An elevator that travels 10 mph takes guests all the way to the observation deck. The “hovering disk” at the top is home to SkyCity, a large restaurant that showcases Pacific Northwest cuisine.


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