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posted on August 07, 2015

Getting around by train is one of the many unique transportation experiences. Traveling by rail requires a different method of packing than what you might do for a road trip or plane ride. Train vacations can be long, some lasting almost two weeks, requiring you to pack heavily. Additionally, trains stop and allow passengers to explore tourist areas, which means you could also be doing some traveling by foot or other means of transportation along the way. All of these situations lead to the question, how should one pack for a rail vacation?

Use Lightweight Luggage with Wheels

Any type of wheeled luggage will do passengers some good if they must get off the train at any point during the vacation. It allows easy transportation of your items. When traveling mostly by train, you should really consider what type of luggage to bring. Choosing a smaller bag may be tricky if you have a lot of belongings, but the more compact, the better. Choose luggage with a small frame so that if you must store it anywhere on board the train, it will not be as difficult if you were to bring a bulky bag.

Have a Smaller Bag for Necessities

It’s important while traveling by train that you should keep a small backpack or purse with you to carry any small items that might also pose as necessities, like any medication, lotions, glasses, and identification. A smaller bag can help you keep your tickets, passport, and identification handy, and a personal bag is efficient to also carry valuables in while moving about the train and leaving your seat or car unattended.

Pack Light with Multipurpose Items

Packing light can be difficult for some, but it’s the best solution for train travel. Seek out multipurpose items. Find a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. Limit yourself to a couple pair of shoes, and choose clothes that you can wear more than once. Doing a load of laundry on vacation might even save you some space.

Pack Comfortably

While on some occasions you might want to dress up for dinner, bring comfortable clothes, too. Tennis shoes, sweats, and a couple of comfy shirts will make all the difference while traveling by train. At some points you may find that you can get off the train to walk around a bit, in which case comfortable, well-fitted tennis shoes will be a huge help.

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