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posted on June 01, 2015

Train rides can offer a lot more than a destination. Under fiery red and orange tree cover and winding through river valleys, North American scenic train rides give passengers a charming new perspective on the landscape and the unique opportunity to delve deep in the countryside. Whether it is autumn showing its vibrant leaf color in the Midwest or a midsummer train ride weaving through the mountains in the east, you can discover something from each piece of North America. 

Western Scenic Train Rides

The Western U.S. is rich in history and its breathtaking scenery is no different. When people think of the West, they may first think of deserted land and tumbleweeds, however, it is much more than that. Scenic train rides in the West can take you on a variety of excursions, through the Colorado Rockies or the Descanso Gardens in the spring. Take in the spectacular color of springtime flowers out West or ride along the desolate land as mountains surround you along the horizon.

You can discover even more than open air and flat land with a backdrop of mountains. Blanketed with a fresh coat of powdery snow in the winter, Yellow Stone and Yosemite National Parks are a breathtaking discovering of our country’s rich land. Your eyes will be able to explore the Half Dome of Yosemite and the solid granite as the sun’s light settles on the snowy mountaintops. With glaciers and rivers weaving through the scenery, you’ll recognize familiar wildlife from grazing buffalo to Black-Tailed Deer. With scenic train routes through these parks and wildlife areas in the West, passengers can take away more than a simple train ride.

Midwestern Scenic Train Rides

Climb aboard a locomotive for an incredible ride under yellows, reds and oranges as the autumn leaves peak in color. The Midwest is renowned for its color tours in the fall when we only have a few precious weeks to take in the vibrancy of the changing foliage. Midwestern scenic train rides can take tourists around the Great Lakes and through historic small towns.

You can experience the allure of train rides in the region where trains peaked in the 19th century. The Midwest is rich in industrial history and many scenic train tours in this region also provide museum tours and stops along the way to explore small towns.

Eastern Scenic Train Rides

East coast scenic train rides, like the Midwest, also showcase the changing colors in the fall, but immersed in culture. Throughout the cities of classic New England, you can discover not only scenery of the cherry blossoms or the fall foliage, but also Colonial America. Or take the train to Canada and explore Montréal. Montréal is a unique city with French and Canadian backgrounds. Scenic routes through Montréal can take you through the Chaleur Bay to Gaspe and along the coast sprinkled with delightful small towns and you can discover the rolling hills of Nova Scotia as color overcomes the fall tree cover. Along the east coast of Canada, Prince Edward Island is also a breathtaking experience of land and sea. Passengers will discover the beautiful waterfront and pass through farms and beaches along the way.

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