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posted on November 07, 2014

Deciding whether or not to base your vacation off of a travel package is a big decision. There are many advantages and disadvantages to vacation packages and depending on the person, it may or may not be the right choice for your trip. It’s safe to say that either way you choose to travel, you will enjoy your vacation, but travel packages could enhance your trip. Here are a look at some of the key advantages and disadvantages to vacation packages.


Cost: Cost is a huge advantage of seeking out travel packages. The packages include the cost of everything, keeping costs to a minimum. This is also helpful is preventing expenses from sneaking up on you. Booking your transportation, hotel and tours all separately can increase your spending. You could also get to your destination and try to include a last minute tour, bumping up your costs even more. A travel package keeps its price consistent, even if travel prices change as the date approaches.

Less Stress: Booking a travel package takes care of numerous steps of your vacation all at once. You are able to have transportation, hotels, tours and occasionally even food all taken care of at once. This makes planning for your trip much less stressful so you can focus on deciding what to bring and other fun aspects of the trip.

Safety: A travel package will be sure to put you in a safe hotel in a convenient area. By booking on your own, you run the risk of accommodations that may be in a bad neighborhood or far away from central activities. Travel packages know the area you are going to, and will ensure that you have a safe place to stay when you get there.

Complete Tour: Trying to budget your time to hit all the tourist locations on your own can be tiresome and challenging. A travel package organizes your trip so you are able to hit those main attractions. Leaving a new destination without seeing everything on your list can be upsetting, and knowing that you will have a complete tour can leave you feeling satisfied with your trip.

Meet New People: When taking place in a travel package trip, you are often with the same individuals throughout the vacation. This gives you the opportunity to form relationships with fellow travelers and carry friendships throughout the trip. You are able to share unique experiences with other individuals traveling the same way you are, bringing more people together to make your trip even more memorable.


Less Flexibility: With a travel package, you have less flexibility when it comes to choosing what you do at your destination. Tours and activities are planned for you and you must follow the schedule provided for you. While this takes away from the stress of finding activities on your own, it doesn’t give you as much freedom to explore more on your own time. Thankfully, many travel packages understand this and give you ample time to explore at each location.

Pay Up Front: Even if the cost of travel packages is less, it can be a disadvantage that you have to pay for everything at once. You also must pay for your trip long before you actually go. This would take more careful budgeting well before you book your travel package. If you can plan your budget, this would still help you keep costs down in the long run.

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