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posted on October 02, 2014

Nothing can rival the beauty of the changing of leaves all across the country. Reds, yellows, and oranges come together to put on a show for spectators for just a few short weeks each year. The awe-inspiring views bring people from all across the country to witness the colorful surroundings before winter sets in. Here are some of the top fall foliage destinations across the United States.

The Catskills                                               

The northeast is known in the fall for its beautiful array of colors spread out across the mountains. The Catskills are the epitome of this image. Maple trees, oak trees, birch and beech trees work together to present us with a view of vibrant orange, red and yellow leaves. Numerous hiking trails allow you to be part of this wonderful scenery as you explore the depths of the trees and mountains.

Stowe, Vermont

You can’t get much more picturesque than Stowe, Vermont in the fall. Featured on many New England postcards, this village offers breathtaking views of fall foliage. Appreciating Mother Nature can also be coupled with other fun activities. Offering fine restaurants and attractions, Stowe is the perfect getaway to witness autumn at its finest. Experience Stowe on foot, by car or by train, as it is one of the stops on our New England Fall Foliage Tour.

The Upper Peninsula

Not all of the beautiful colors reside in the northeast. One of the most spectacular locations to view fall foliage is in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Set between three Great Lakes, the tranquil water reflects back the beautifully vibrant colors. With numerous state parks throughout the peninsula, this location is sure to put on a beautiful fall display.

Great Smoky Mountains

Set in both Tennessee and North Carolina, these mountains present a breathtaking array of colors throughout October and November. With over 100 different species of native trees, the colors are endless. From exploring scenic roads to venturing out on one of the hiking trails, the mountains are able to give you beautiful views that you can’t find anywhere else.

Aspen, Colorado

Fall in Colorado is one that you don’t want to miss. Rich yellow leaves stand out among the evergreens and mountain peaks, giving visitors a breathtaking view. While the sights are unbelievable, the season is short, so planning an early trip here is a must. As the sun touches the Aspen leaves, the yellow color seems to make them shimmer, making this one of the most beautiful autumn sights in the world.

Columbia River Gorge

What better way to view the colors of fall in Oregon than with the option of hiking, driving, rafting or kayaking right alongside the changing leaves? The Columbia River Gorge is a beautiful sight on its own, but with color popping all around it, the beauty is even more astounding. This natural border between Washington and Oregon brings visitors from all over the country to see the stunning hues all along the river.

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