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posted on July 16, 2013

Playing games on your train journey is a great way to pass the time and enjoy some quality time with your travel companions. With your suitcases packed full of vacation essentials, you may be limited in game supplies, but that won’t stop the fun! Here are some ideas for games to play on your next train tour. Just don’t forget to pay attention to the beautiful scenery outside your window, too!

Dictionary Delight

For this game, all you need is a travel dictionary. One player flips through the dictionary to find a bizarre word that the other players probably haven’t heard of. He or she shares the word with the group, and each player writes down their own fake definition of the word, trying to make it as realistic or as wacky as they want! The player who chose the word writes down the real definition, then collects everyone else’s and reads them all aloud. The players all vote on which definition they think is the real one, and you can see who is best at fooling everyone else!

Story Time

This game can be hilarious and fun for all ages. One person begins a story with “Once upon a time” and creates the beginning of a wild tale. Each person contributes a couple of sentences to the story and then passes it along to the next player. As the story gets passed along, it gets wackier and more entertaining for everyone to enjoy!


This classic game is always a fun way to pass the time. Depending on the ages of your playmates, you can change the rules. I-Spy can use clues like “I spy something orange” or “I spy something beginning with the letter B” or you can make things more riddle-like to change up the difficulty level. 

Travel Bingo

Create bingo sheets with each square representing things that you may encounter on your journey. These can be different road signs, landmarks, or even more obscure clues. Be creative with your bingo cards and the game will be even more fun for everyone!

Blindfolded Artists

This partner game is lots of fun and always good for a laugh. One person is given a piece of paper and a pen or pencil, and is blindfolded using a scarf, handkerchief, or whatever else is handy. Their partner then chooses a simple object (a pencil, car, computer, or anything else that strikes your mind) and has to instruct their partner on how to draw it without saying what the object they are describing is. Instead use simple instructions like “Draw a straight line 2 inches long in the top right corner. Then draw a circle at the end of the line.” It’s a great way to practice communication skills and have a blast doing it!

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